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The Big Picture

The Big Picture

During my time in the Shopping Centre Industry I have always been about developing myself and staying ahead of global trends not only in the area of marketing but in other areas such as the dynamics of team building for better results, career development and the secrets of a good manager.

To keep myself ahead of trends and further develop my skills I have travelled to many overseas cities to attend conferences, meetings and discussions being lead by very successful motivated individuals – recognised and rewarded for their lifetime achievements and now sharing these with anyone who wants to listen.

I have read their books and taught from those books with great success and those who have worked with me and/or who have attended our Marketing School training programs will attest to positivity of the messages.

In this blog I want to share some highlights from one of my favourites and it is about “seeing the Big Picture” Jon Gordon April 18, 2016

“Almost every writer, speaker and performance coach shares the importance of having a vision for the future – the vision is supposed to be energising and exciting – but is it?  Sometimes the vision saps all your energy because it seems so far away – having a vision does not have to happen NOW.  Your vision is meant to show you what is possible for your future."

Remember if you see it you can create it, if you have a vision you also have the power to make it happen. The key is to keep moving forward with grit and optimism one step at a time.

To do this successfully you will need a telescope and a microscope: The telescope to see the big picture: The microscope to help zoom focus on what you need to do today to realise the big picture in the telescope.

The journey is not easy but with these two tools you will see where you are going, remember why you're are going here and know what steps you need to take today”

This also leads me to another favourite motivational speaker and a book called "Who moved my Cheese" by Spencer Johnson. It takes just one hour to read and is about dealing with change. I will talk more about this in my next blog series on Personal & career development.

Think outside the Box

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