Marketing School Courses


Keeping up to date with Marketing trends is extremely important if you want to continue to grow sales for Centre retailers and keep customers interested in your messages.

Technology has been added to the Marketing mix for all types of business and whilst the rules of using this medium changes on a daily basis - no Shopping Centre can afford not to be part of this marketing revolution.

All courses will include all the necessary and standard topics a Marketer needs to understand today. All topics  are kept up to date with the latest trends from local and international sources, along with new course materials covering all things current and relevant to marketing and the Shopping Centre Industry.

All of our courses are designed to cover at least one feature topic and for the past two years we have covered a number of different areas ranging from Social Media to personal development and leadership - all of which have been very well received by participants.

Some of these previous feature topics are now standard in our courses and we will continue to present future feature topics according to what is relevant at the time. 

Places in our courses book out fast, so register early to secure your place.

Example of the core topics covered in the courses:

  • Understanding & Implementing Strategic Marketing/advertising/brand development, evolution and maintenance.

  • Understanding the Social/Online trends and how to incorporate them into Marketing strategies.

  • How to develop unique creative to "own". How to maintain brand consistency thus creating credibility and on-going loyalty from customers (no matter what the budget).

  • How to choose the right tactical/advertising schedules/campaigns to match strategic positions/Lifecycle etc. Including:

    • Cost effectiveness

    • Reach & frequency planning (spend less for better results)

    • Red Hot Planning (a unique system developed by Lyn Flannery)

    • Traditional v's Social Media for the Shopping Centre (How this medium is changing the way we market and setting strategies and implementation processes for results).

    • Development marketing - pre & post opening strategies for that difficult 1st year of trade.

  • Plus, many more topics & creative/tactical examples, implementation processes & interactive activity.

  • Other specialised subject topics (a selection in all our courses)  include mentoring sessions on personal career development, performance management, up-skilling/motivating staff, and motivational sessions from 'Who moved my cheese' & 'Fish' providing participants with wonderfully uplifting and motivating sessions for developing skills to ensure we continue to "Market with passion".
  • Course topics may change and are generally dependent on the participants level and or knowledge of the subject


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