The Lyn Flannery Marketing School is a privately owned and operated training facility that specialises in Shopping Centre marketing education. The School operates to assist Shopping Centre owners and managers in the training and education of their marketing personnel.

The school is open to anyone who wants to enhance their skills in Shopping Centre marketing.

The Marketing School's director is Lyn Flannery. Lyn’s credentials in Shopping Centre marketing education are second to none, and her commitment to industry education over the past 40 years has assisted many people in their professional development. This commitment is now reflected in the high standard Lyn has set for the Marketing School.

The modules offered by the Marketing School provide marketers with the tools to confidently set and evolve strategic campaigns for the long-term growth of sales and customer traffic to their Shopping Centres.

The course material is kept up to date with research studies from around the world. This research is used to guide participants in setting strategic direction, identifying marketing trends and applying these to Shopping Centre marketing.

Each course is designed to take participants on an interesting journey, learning how to set the game plan, manage, evolve, evaluate and understand marketing flexibility for Shopping Centres.

The Marketing School is structured to accommodate the needs of the industry and can offer the complete Marketing School courses through:

A series of training modules at the Lyn Flannery Marketing School in Brisbane, Australia.

A series of training modules presented in-house for individual organisations, owners and management teams.

Specific topics presented in-house for individual organisations, owners and management teams.

Mentoring sessions for individuals or teams.

Whichever method is chosen, the Lyn Flannery Marketing School is a flexible & efficient way to train your staff.

The success of the Marketing School to date is attributed to the active and positive involvement of all those who have attended the course. The course is designed in  a "hands on" format with real examples and case studies. Participants report that they can action what they have learned  at the School immediately back at a centre level.

The Marketing School guarantee is that participants will learn from some 40 years of "street wise" and strategic marketing techniques that have taken the Marketing School’s Managing Director Lyn Flannery to the top of her field in the Shopping Centre industry.