Q & A

Q.What is the Marketing School?

A. It is a unique way to keep marketing skills up to date and keep ahead of the trends.


Q. Who can participate?

A. The school specialises in Shopping Centre marketing and is open to anyone interested in Shopping Centre marketing or learning more about it. The school is designed for individual or company participation. Centre managers, retail managers, administration and retailers can all benefit.


Q. What will we get from it?

A. You will receive a LF Marketing School Certificate for each module completed.


Q. What if we do not want to do all the courses/modules?

A. There is no requirement to undertake a full course of modules however at least 2 days of a 3 or more day course is mandatory to receiving certificates. This is because modules are grouped together.


Q. Are there examinations at the end of the courses?

A. NO – The courses are designed as an on-going learning system, which are designed to improve skills in the workplace environment. We do ask however that you actively participate in all workshops and training exercises throughout the course.


Q. We are Shopping Centre Owners/Management company how can we participate?

A. Courses can be specifically designed to meet the needs of owners and managers and these can be presented at the company premises; at personalised external seminars; or a group of employees can attend the school’s open seminars. Courses are also available for one on one personal education.


Q. How do I know the information is up to date?

A. The founder of the Marketing School has a long history of research into marketing for Shopping Centres and this research will continue to provide information which will be used to regularly update courses.


Q. We have finished the courses, how can we keep up to date with the new trends/ideas?

A. The courses are designed to teach participants how to do this; however students completing courses can access new information by way of attendance at the "Boardroom" events held at Lyn Flannery & Associates.  


Q. How do I know if I qualify to do the course?

A. Anyone is welcome to join at any level - the subject matter is exclusive to Shopping Centre marketing and is designed in a format that suits an experienced marketer or a beginner. This is because the research that is undertaken by the school's Director is up to the minute and immediately actionable. For this reason no one is at a disadvantage when attending any part of the course or any of the one day seminars. Content is pitched at the level that is needed.


Note: The courses are designed to accommodate all levels of marketing and centre management personnel. As well we run special courses and have had great success in training those in an administration role as well as someone not yet in the industry. After attending the course these participants were able to secure positions in marketing roles within Shopping Centres.

The only thing you need is an interest in learning more about Shopping Centre marketing


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